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Two years after the events of Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince, vindicatedrpg opened five minutes after the final battle at Hogwarts. It is now 1999 and Harry Potter has been successful in not only disabling all of the Horcruxes, but also in defeating the Dark Lord. Death Eaters planned to attack Hogwarts. However, the Order found out about their plot via Narcissa Malfoy and they were ready for it. The children were therefore protected within the castle. Several seventh-year students, such as Ginny and Luna, chose to stay and help with the fight.

Now that the war is over and things are starting to get back to normal, the Ministry of Magic have dropped a bombshell and announced that there will be conducting an investigation into happenings during the war. A committee led by Amos Diggory and comprising of Mafalda Hopkirk and Madam Edgecombe want to interview both suspected Death Eaters - some of which are still on the run - and even members of the community, thinking that they might have been involved in activites that were less than legal.

Now, though, nearly six months after the end of the war and just as characters are settling down and forming relationships, a group of surviving Death Eaters are starting to assert their presence in devestating ways.

Disclaimer: Vindicated is an adult RPG, often with post of a sexual nature. With many plots, there is also the potential for graphic violence and torture. Discretion is advised.